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Excess baggage charges SUCK !!!

Ever had that moment at the airport when the lovely person behind the desk tells you… sorry your luggage is too heavy; you have to pay extra!  You had it all under control, had done all the checks but, alas, you have to pay 11ty billion pounds more get your case on the flippin plane!

Excess baggage charges suck!  Though, do you realise we pay for excess baggage each day, and I’m not referring to financial payment?

busy stress Virtual Assistant

As business owners, especially those of us whose business comprises of a small team, and perhaps more so those who are doing everything themselves, these business owners wear soooooooo many hats.  CEO, bookkeeper, stock controller, marketing, sales, facilities, customer service… and so on.  That’s a lot of hat’s weighing heavy on one head, a lot of excess baggage to be carrying around.  A head was only designed for one hat, right?   Add to that all the hats for your list of to-dos!   Your ideas, I mean, you want your business to grow, of course, you want to move forward because you have amazing dreams and passion but each of these ideas takes up space with another hat.  EEEEEkkkkkk, it’s going to topple, and at what cost?  Your reputation, your growth, your income, your sanity?

Virtual Assistant Hats

Get help!

Can’t afford it?

I would argue that you can’t afford not to!

Here’s why…

You:   Sit down for ‘5 minutes’ to post up something businessey on social media, you know, to keep your name out there.  That 5 minutes turns into an hour or more, because, a) you can think of anything to post and b) you get distracted by the feed.

Your competitor:  In that hour has made contact with a referral and closed a deal, his social media was still updated in that hour.

How? He handed the social media hat to his Virtual Assistant.

You:  Spend an hour dealing with suppliers/delivery issues and updating stock onto your website.

Your competitor:  In that same hour, she has got an amazing ongoing deal from her courier and got a discount from her suppliers due to their error plus was able to get an exciting high value proposal out to a potential client.

How? – she handed the supplier/stock/logistics hats to her Virtual Assistant

You:  Have an amazing idea that you just know will generate amazing income and give your business the growth it needs and deserves, but you just cannot find the time away from other ‘stuff’.

Your competitor:  Has got buckets of relevant, valuable research completed, appointments booked with potential investors (and has research on the investors too), has a professional and very impressive proposal created both in hard copy and soft copy (PDF and digitial flipbook *showoff*) and despite all that, has managed to beat her weekly sales target by 20%.

How?   She handed the research, diary management and proposal creation hats to her Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistant Jigsaw

What is the real cost of your excess baggage?


Me?  I practice what I preach – I have two Virtual Assistants that work solely on the workings of my businesses – which leaves me to work on my clients businesses.


See, Virtual Assistant Service – really is ‘the business behind your business!’

Virtual Assistant

Why put on your own oxygen mask first?

oxygen VAS
Have you ever noticed that during the flight safety demonstration you are asked, in the event of an emergency, to put your own oxygen mask first?  As a mum, this just doesn’t feel right to me, instinct is to protect your child first, no matter what the cost.   Looking into this I learned that there is a very important, sensible and life-saving reason they ask you to put your own mask on first, and that is, if you haven’t first looked after yourself, you could run out of breath before you are able to help anyone else.  This was quite profound to me and was a thought that took me to exploring other areas of life including work. look closer As a business owner, you pour your heart and your soul into it. You sacrifice your time and your freedom – let’s not even get started on sleep!  You become everything and anything the business needs, the telephonist, the bookkeeper, the warehouse manager, the delivery driver, the HR manager and the CEO.   You are not just the multi-hat wearer of your business, but you might also be a parent, a sibling, a son, a daughter or friend.  All these wonderful people care about you. It might be that you are not yet able to commit to salaried assistance, but you do need help – face it, you can do anything, you are amazing – but you cannot do EVERYTHING. Ask for help from friends, family or even someone like me, a Virtual Assistant.  In my case you literally just pay for what you need, when you need it.  No other commitment whatsoever.  If you need 1 hour of work a week, 1 hour a month or even 10 hours – that’s ok.  Imagine what you could do with 10 hours of help – you could be out there building your business instead of being stuck behind a desk doing paperwork, or even enjoying a movie and popcorn night at home with the family. move night popcorn Your business is your baby, something you have dreamed of and now that your baby is a reality you want to give it the best chance of growing into something amazing – of course!  However, if you don’t take care of you, how can you take care of your baby, your business. Remember put your own oxygen mask on first.   freedom
Cloud Freelance Virtual Assistant

Have you got 2020 Vision?

Have you got 2020 Vision?

Make 2020 Count!

I’m planning my January and February 2020 blog posts and just love the ‘National Days’ and weird ‘special’ dates.   So, like Kiss a Ginger Day (12 Jan), National Hug Day (21 Jan). What about National Peanut Butter Day (24 Jan) and my personal favourite, Squirrel Appreciation Day (also 21st Jan).  But, c’mon, who doesn’t appreciate a cute little squirrel?!?!?!  February has a Toothache Day (9th Feb) and a whole day dedicated to Almonds (16th Feb), that’s nuts!!!!

Make 2020 Count! Virtual Assistant Squirrel
Make 2020 Count! Virtual Assistant Glasses

Make 2020 Count!

I started this post with the intention of writing about keeping your social media relevant, current and industry specific. To talk about how your readers want to see the value and expertise you can bring, but nah!.  It’s nearly the New Year, 2020.  The year of clear vision but why have no Opticians jumped at this?  Instead I’m choosing to think of the days to come, making them count and giving them meaning.  

Make 2020 Count!

How many of the days do you actually have a memory of in 2019?  I can remember what I was doing on key dates but they only account for maybe 20 days in 2019.  Why?  Because they were the special or particularly tough ones, they made an impact.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to just remember 5 ½ % of my life.  That means I’ve forgotten over 94% of the last year of my life! I want my days to count, be special, have impact and make a difference to others and to myself.

Make 2020 Count! Virtual Assistant Dory
Make 2020 Count! Virtual Assistant Coming Out

Make 2020 Count!

My challenge to you in 2020 is have clear vision and have clear goals.

Incidentally, my birthday is World Coming Out Day. Stranger things have happened and if that does happen, I don’t think I’ll forget that day in a hurry!

Just in case you didn’t know VAS can look after your social media and blog posts. No one will ever know they didn’t come from you!  Check it out!

In 2020 I start building the best version of me by attending #ThinkResilience in Londonderry/Derry.