I’m really happy you have found Virtual Assistant Service; my name is Amanda Hyde-Pierce and seeing business owners get back to the actual business they trained for, reduce their stress and their headaches is a real passion of mine!

I know many small business owners  and the common thread among them is absolute frustration that they don’t have time, or are just ‘winging it’ or the key one, they are wasting time on admin and finance that could instead be used to grow their business! 

A lot of small business’s, especially those that are still within the first year or two of opening can’t yet afford to commit to salaried staff and that’s where I come in!  You can use my admin or bookkeeping service as little or as often as you like with no ongoing commitment!  No need to stress about my taxes, my equipment or my office space – I have my own.  No need to have increased utility or insurance bills – again, I look after my own! 

For the last 25+ years i have worked in the medical, legal and financial industries as a Business Support Manager, Office Manager, EA or PA.  I know how critical it is to make your time and money count, it is the difference between a successful business and a failed business!  Making my way to the top of my industry I have become exceptional at using the most cost effective tools, efficient use of money and maximising time productivity.  

Particular strengths lie around bookkeeping, website builds, presentation/content creation and research, prepping you for that important business lead, writing your SOPs, creating your BCP or staff handbooks and even project managing your tender write ups and submissions.  I also like all things recruitment, having managed over 50 people covering a number of jobs I have spent a lot of time creating job specs, working with recruitment agencies, interviewing and even the dreaded disciplinary meetings.  

In my down time I love spending time with these two crazies!  Frank (top) is 3 years old and Cody is 6 years old and these two numpties have me wrapped around their little paws!   The best perk of working from home is getting to spend time with these little ones!  I have a grown up son, Marc, who is 22 and will not let me post a photo!  Marc is a trainee counsellor and hobbies include spending my money and emptying my fridge and cupboards!